Good morning, thank you colonel for using your time to speak out and to serve. Your podcasts are informative and educational. I just listened to the one on race. The things that you articulated are things which I have often thought, but if I ever say them out loud, the subject quickly gets changed.

Reading Booker T. Washington's autobiography "Up From Slavery", I think he was a hero teaching people to be independent and self-sufficient.

Perhaps you can help me with a question. In "Uncle Tom's Cabin" I think that Uncle Tom was a hero who demonstrated what it means to be a Christian. He excelled in all situations and died for his friend. Why now is being called an Uncle Tom derogatory?

God bless you, Sandy Hooton

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Lieutenant colonel Allen West,

I hope this message finds you well.

We met once at the Goodwill in Garland I'm sure I left it indelible impression... I thought I would message you, and hopefully I'm not the first to see if you're interested in representing us on a congressional level. I would like to hope that you're in the 32nd congressional district, because if so, Colin Allred has announced his bid to run against senator Ted Cruz. I believe his chances are about as good as a Dixie cup in a buffalo herd. Well anyway, I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to add to the conservative voices in the Congress... With any luck we could win a two-thirds majority in the Senate and the House. That goes without saying obviously we conservatives, who are much better representing all Americans ( actual U.S. citizens that is) morally as well as financially definitely need representation in the oval office in order to "clean the swamp" so to speak....

I like to think ahead sometimes... I live for today so that I can prepare for tomorrow.

Please accept my humble conclusion to this short note.


Jason Campbell

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